Oxfist ‘Welcome To Bombay Beach’ (EP)

After the release of ‘Death Tape‘ on Amigo/Amiga Records in mid-2016, Portland riff-rockers Bombay Beach shared their album’s multitrack sessions with Oxfist, in the hopes of getting a few “remixes” out of the exchange. A few months later, the band received an email with links to a few mp3’s and a note saying, “Sorry for what I did to your songs.” What happened in the interim was nothing short of a ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Interstellar’ go to meet the ‘Man In The High Castle’ type scenario. The three tracks presented as ‘Welcome To Bombay Beach‘ were compiled from various components from songs throughout the album, seldom if ever using two pieces from the same song to construct a new arrangement. These new pieces aren’t as much “remixes” as they are vignettes of what certain songs from ‘Death Tape’ could/could’ve sound/ed like in alternate realities. The brazen riffage of Bombay Beach is toned down, and the interstitial synth-y meanderings (missing from their live show) are tuned way up.

More on ‘Welcome To Bombay Beach’ soon.


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